hi hellow howdy hey

I am SO GLAD you’re here. Every day I strive to make Scout and Bex a place of community over competition, faith over fear, and empowerment over doubt. The content here usually includes anything from lifestyle to travel, guides to stories, and everything in between. Consider this space on the internet your sister in Christ that you always needed. That’s right, we’re Christ centered around here. We break the mold of what it looks like to be a modern woman of faith. To hold compassion and forgiveness and acceptance for other people, as Jesus would. That mentality does look different then a lot of us were taught to be as women of faith. But we’re moving past what was taught to us because it was the culture of Christianity and moving into what the Lord has in store for us, the women He has created us to be. So tell me, are you ready? Is this a community you want to be a part of? Are you ready to join the rebellion? I personally can’t wait to make this thing official. If you’re here, I love you already.