Stitch Fix Haul: Summer 2017

Even though the first official day of summer hasn’t yet passed on our calendars, the season sure has started peeking out here in LA. The days are getting hotter, the beaches are becoming more crowded, and the drinks are getting fruiter.

LA summers are hot, especially in the Valley but I love the feeling that summer brings. Everyone feels a bit lighter, their smiles brighter and the weekends are jam-packed with ways to make the most of the sunshine.

Even though I would love to be a kid again and get a few months off to enjoy the season of watermelon and picnics, work just keeps on going. That being said, the weather does too. I’m constantly on the look out for pieces of clothing that look professional and put together but that I don’t overheat in.

Enter my latest Stitch Fix haul. Perfect additions to stay chic and not overheat.

stitch fix


Renee C Kitty Mesh Embroidery Detail Top and Pistola Keriann Distressed Boyfriend Jean


checkered shirt

Skies Are Blue Raiya Back Strap Detail Top


The two most important aspects I look for in my summer wardrobe is bright colors and breathability. All of these have great color and great little details. Perfect for at the office or for a bike ride along Santa Monica’s pier.

In case you haven’t had a chance to try Stitch Fix, check out this blog post where I explain the process. Use this code to try it out. I get $10 and if you refer someone, so do you! What goes around comes around!

If you like any of the pieces I received in my box, I included their names in the caption so you can request them for yourself.

Happy shopping!

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