Scout’s Favorite Treats

I used to get Scout the same treats all the time. I would buy the same big bag over and over. One day, I went to the store for another repeated purchase. But then a big wall of treats caught my eye. I figured, hey a little variety could be fun.

As I’m staring at the endless bags, a couple of phrases kept popping out at me. “All natural” “human grade quality” “Made in America”. I suddenly realized, “I haven’t seen those phrases on the treats I’ve been giving Scout”.

I found the bag that I usually pick up and purchase and those phrases weren’t anywhere to be seen. Instead, in the ingredients I found a whole bunch of words I didn’t know and couldn’t even begin to pronounce. The ones I could (dye- red #1) horrified me.

I take such good care of Scout. I am so picky at what I give him. With his food, his vet, with how much I brush his hair and brush his teeth. I take care of this dog in every way I can think of and beyond. How did I let this get by me? This all changes now.

I picked up a handful of bags after several, probably too many, minutes of inspection. The brands were what you see below, Spot Farms, Blue Ridge Naturals, and Loving Pets. They all had those 3 key phrases and the treats didn’t look manufactured but like food.


When looking for dog treats, there is certain criteria that I’m looking for. I want Scout’s treats to be made with natural ingredients that I can pronounce and recognize. For example, Spot Farms Chicken Jerky Strips has chicken, Brown Rice Syrup, Vinegar, Sunflower Oil, Flaxseed, Alpha Tocopherol and Rosemary Extract. That’s it.

A few of these treats are grain free. Since some people don’t allow grain in their dog’s diets, these treats are a great option. I don’t purposefully limit Scout’s grain intake, these treats just happen to not have grain in them.

The Spot Farms and Blue Ridge Natural treats are made with human grade ingredients. Something else I love to see.

The Loving Pets treats are perfect for using as tools to keep Scout’s teeth clean! An awesome bonus.

Finally, these are made in America. I love that the Spot Farms treats show a map of america and pin point on it where these treats came from. I love supporting my fellow Americans. On the back, you can see what family farm you supported along with a picture of the family which honestly, is a nice touch. It may be a marketing ploy but they sucked me right in!

I found all of these treats at Petco and really just stood in front of the big wall of treats and decided what I wanted to give Scout. What way could I best serve him by what I’m feeding him. These are all affordable, easily found, and healthy for your pup!

If they’ve got the Scout stamp of approval, I’m sure your dog will love them and you’ll feel great about it too.



**This is not an affiliated post. I/Scout have personally tried these products and I have paid for them with my own money. I will always disclose if the post is affiliated. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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