February Favorites 2017

I can’t believe we’re already almost half way through March. Where does the time go? Our clocks switched this morning which I’m forever grateful was on a Sunday instead of Monday. I can’t tell you how ready I am for it to be lighter later. It’s so depressing to get home from work and it already be dark! It makes me feel so much better to arrive home with a little bit of time to walk Scout in the daylight and to take a deep breath at the end of the day in sunshine.

With February being a shorter month, I wasn’t sure how many new things I would discover but I managed to wrangle a few for a snapshot of my month.




  1. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail polish in Slate-r Girl: I bought this color on a whim while waiting in the check out line at Ulta, that’s where they always get ya! I had wanted to try a nail polish that supposedly has that same life as a gel manicure but hadn’t taken the leap. This polish really proved to be what it’s advertised as. The staying power is incredible and I love the brush it comes with. It’s really easy to apply and hardly ever chips. Best part about it? It has the wear of a gel manicure but it comes off as easily as a normal nail polish. And no damaging my nails because I don’t have time to go to the salon and have them take it off!
  2. Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara by Tarte: I’m always on the search for the best mascara out there. So far, this is my holy grail. It has 2 sides of the brush to use. 1 and 2 are labeled on the packaging. Using both sides, the payoff is incredible. My eye lashes are fuller, longer, and darker by a lot. I can’t imagine using a different mascara now that I’ve used this one. With contacts, my eyes can be sensitive to the mascaras that I use but this one hasn’t caused me any trouble.
  3. Fierce Flicks by Ciate London: Liquid liner somehow always turned out to be my enemy. I kept going back to trying it because my pencil liner just doesn’t have the staying power I need it to. But it’s messy and really really easy to mess up. But this liquid liner takes form in a felt tipped marker. Use the point to get thin lines and the side to get a thicker, bolder line. It’s super easy and fast to use which is what I need in the morning. It’s on for the entire day and the color pay off is incredible. Love! 


hazelnut heaven

Generally when I get busy, healthy eating is the first thing out the door. I just don’t have time to prepare meals. I opt for just eating quickly so I can get back to being busy. I’ve recently decided that being busy isn’t a good enough excuse for me to stop taking care of myself. So I’ve tried to find small ways to insert healthy habits seamlessly into my life.

My go to breakfast these days is this granola. The Open Nature Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Heaven mix. I pour a bit of this into a bowl, put some raspberries with it, drizzle some honey on top, and add in a little bit of almond milk. Viola! A simple breakfast that’s a great cereal alternative to my standard Captain Crunch Berries.



Even though it’s March and this is February favorites which don’t exactly scream summer to everyone, it’s been warming up here in LA. It’s rapidly becoming camping weather. I love camping, it’s definitely my favorite stereotypical Colorado past time. Feeling nostalgic about summers past, this mug is the perfect vessel for my morning cup of coffee. I received this as a present and couldn’t find the exact mug online so if you see it in stores, grab it up!



Currently reading: This month, I’ve been reading Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas. This is the third book of the Throne of Glass series. I really enjoyed the first 2 books. I flew through them and couldn’t wait to see what came next. This book, I’m struggling to get through. I’ve been reading it for double the time it took for me to read the others. I have friends who have read the series and say that this one takes a while to get into. I’m about half way in and I’m still waiting for the good stuff. This one is more of a transition book so there is a lot of set up. With the recommendation by my friends, I’m going to power through hoping that the exciting and captive narrative from the first two novels comes in. (Psst…let’s be friends on Goodreads!)

Currently watching: Outlander. I’ve read the first 2 Outlander books. I really didn’t like the second book so I knew the second season was going to be hard to get through for the same reason. So far, I like the season better then I liked the book. It gets back to what I love about the series and doesn’t seem to devastate viewers as much as the book does to its readers. The costumes as always are incredible and I do always love a good dose of Jamie.

Currently playing: Jigsaw Puzzle app. My mom first introduced me to this. Now, just about every night I do a puzzle. It gives you a free one every day and has a few free puzzles available in the store. I find it so relaxing…just my nerdy side coming out.


That’s it! That’s what I’m currently loving/reading/watching! What have you been up to? I’d love to know if you have any book or show recommendations, so let me know in the comments below! Hope you have a great rest of your weekend 🙂


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