Stitch Fix Haul

A while back, I wrote a post titled “Bringing Summer to the Office“. In it, I explain just what Stitch Fix is. The simple version is it’s a styling service where you are personally styled monthly. You’re sent 5 items. Purchase what you love. Send back what you don’t.

Slowly but surely, I find my closet turning into a Stitch Fix haven. Often times, I find that the outfit I’m wearing was entirely purchased through the service. What I love most is how many compliments I get. Who doesn’t love that, right? I get more compliments on my Stitch Fix clothes then any of my clothes from other stores.

Since the pieces are such good quality, I know that I’m building a lasting wardrobe. The flip side of that is I’m very selective about what I choose to keep from Stitch Fix. I don’t particularly hang onto the “trendy” types of items. Those, I can spend less money on and discard them when the fad has disappeared from the racks.

My last box was another winner. All of the pieces felt personalized to me. I’ve had the same stylist for a while. She has the perfect balance of pushing me a little beyond my comfort zone while still keeping a consistent style. I didn’t keep everything but I’m really happy with what was added to my closet.

Item #1 and #2


These gray jeans, which don’t exactly photograph their true color, I kept. I can’t rave about Stitch Fix jeans more. They are perfect, every time. I have never been complimented on my jeans before but now, I get a lot of comments and a lot of “where did you get those jeans?” when I throw them on. They’re incredibly flattering and even more comfortable.


This blue and white plaid had me as soon as I opened the box. I’m a sucker for plaid, what can I say? A key for me when purchasing fall/winter clothing is that it’s still pretty light weight. Living in LA, weather isn’t what I traditionally think of when it comes to fall and winter. In Colorado, the air is crisp and the breeze can have a bite. In LA, it rains but the buildings still have air conditioning and the sun can be brightly shining at a balmy 75 degrees the next day. This plaid is lightweight and comfortable. Perfect for trying to live seasonally in a place without seasons but still staying cool, the perfect LA balance.


Dog does not come with Stitch Fix purchase 😉

Item #3


Okay, let me tell you about this coat. It is undeniably perfect. It is the most fantastic shade of purple, which just so happens to be my favorite color. It is a down coat that is flattering! Living in Colorado my whole life, I have had my fair share of down coats. Let me tell you, girlfriend: they aren’t flattering. You look more like a marshmallow and if you were hoping to have any kind of waist line, forget it. This coat changes that. It actually comes in at the waist to give me more shape.

It is long! Another win for a down coat! It comes down over my rear end. I don’t know if you’ve tried to sit on a cold bench or even those cold leather seats in the winter, but if you had this coat would have come in handy. It has a hood with the same lining as the pockets: the softest material ever. That same material is also in the sleeve to fit closer to your arms to keep you warmer. One last win: it isn’t super dense. It actually feels really light weight but will keep you super warm. It isn’t heavy and bulky – how amazing!!


But ultimately, I sent it back. It broke my heart, let me tell you. It was reasonably priced but it’s a coat designed for sub-zero temperatures. As a girl living on a budget, I couldn’t justify the spend. If I was still living in Colorado, trust me it would have been snatched up. But since 98% of my time is spent in LA, I just couldn’t pull the trigger.


Item #4


Sigh. This shirt. I wanted to like it. I have a lot of looser fitting tops because the name of my game is comfy. I really liked that it had a little extra room in it but still had the shoulder detail to make it a little more finished. The color was great and the quality was top-notch as per usual but truth be told, this is a shirt that looked good from the side but not from the front. Exhibit A:


To me, the lace detail was a little too thick so it ended up looking like army epaulettes. Looking back on this picture, it’s not quite as bad as I remembered it but it just felt off to me. I know that if I’m having that feeling now, I’m never going to pull it out of my closet. It will always just not feel quite right. I also need to steer away from the roomier clothes. I have enough of those pieces in my closet, I need to strive to add more tailored items to really fill out my wardrobe. So, back it went.

Item #5


This navy sweater has quickly become a favorite of mine already. It’s a beautiful color and perfect fit. It doesn’t show up in the picture, but at the bottom the sweater material cuts off at a diagonal and navy lacy takes its place. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it but after looking at my preexisting sweaters, I knew this was a great addition. Most of my sweaters are pretty straight forward leaving it up to the accessories to add interest. But this sweater, had a little piece of fun all its own. It’s really comfortable and not too hot for LA weather. I wore it to work last week paired with olive-green pants (also sent by stitch fix) and a simple yet a little chunkier gold necklace. People kept up with the classic question: “where did you get that from?” And I received the best compliment: “you just look so stylish!”

With that, I say thank you Stitch Fix for another job well done. I loved my December box and can’t wait for January’s edition.

If you’d like to try stitch fix and get a nice treat on your doorstep each month, here is my referral link. I’ll even receive a credit to my account when you get your first shipment! If you give out your referral link, you could too! If you decide to sign up, let me know what you get and how you like it!

Happy shopping!

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