Bringing Summer to the Office

Graduating from college and working for a big corporate company brought a lot of changes in my life. As in, turning it upside down. One of the byproducts of that was my wardrobe was now suddenly all wrong. Not just because I was swapping out classes with my friends for meetings with CEOs, but because I’d lived in Colorado my whole life more than half my clothes were made for chilly nights and blizzard conditions.

I found when I would go shopping, I literally kept buying the same thing over and over. Trust me. Ask me how many navy and white striped t-shirts I own that are almost identical (three!) I was feeling like I was in a rut and not making any progress in building a lasting, young professional wardrobe. That’s when I discovered Stitch Fix.


If you haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, here’s the cliff notes version. Stitch Fix is an online based company that employs stylists to personally style you. You go online and fill out a questionnaire. Depending on what subscription you want (mine is monthly) they will send you 5 items that they personally styled for you. You can send notes on what you’re looking for, what trends you’d like to try, or what occasions you have coming up. You can link it to your Pinterest board too so they can see what styles you’ve been loving. There is a $25 styling fee. If you keep all 5 items in your box, you get 25% off plus the $25 styling fee. If you keep any amount of the clothes but don’t keep all of them, you don’t get the percentage off but you do get the $25 taken off. Don’t keep anything and you’ve spent $25. I love using it because it really pushes me out of my comfort zone. I try things on I never would have in the store and it provides me the opportunity to try them on with pieces I already own. For a busy girl like me who loves (I mean, really loves) clothes but just keep buying the same things, it’s a dream come true. It’s not the only way I go about building my wardrobe but it is a really great way to add quality, more unique pieces.

I really just wanted to show a couple ways I manage to keep cool but still professional on a daily basis. That transition from college student to young professional is a tricky one but a good top never hurts.

Outfit #1

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.58.33 PM

It is also worth noting that while I work for a corporate studio, it is still very casual. I am usually one of the most dressed up people at work but dress for the job you want not the one you have! While I wouldn’t wear this hat at work, I do think it’s a great addition to take this outfit from the office to a weekend look.


These pants are so comfy and the print is small enough to not be too much but still interesting.


toms side

Outfit #2


I love the color of this top. It’s such a gorgeous color – it actually matches my nails right now! Sleeveless tops are essential in California but to make sure the look is professional, if the top is sleeveless, the bottom should be covered up. If I wanted to make it even more polished, I would just throw a black blazer on top. Which also doesn’t hurt when it comes to constant A/C being blasted!



This is the perfect summer bag. It’s classic with a little bit of something extra. A little bit of extra fun for the days in the sun at the farmer’s market or Santa Monica Pier. Already in love.

Although it’s going to be a tad bit warm (108 degrees tomorrow!) I’m already enjoying summer. It doesn’t mean the same thing now as it used to when I got months off from responsibilities but there’s still something lovely about the balmy air and beach days where the ocean isn’t totally freezing. And even though a lot of my days are spent indoors, I’ll just bring the sunshine with me!

How will you be spending your summer? What are your go to summer work outfits?

Just to round out the box, these are the shoes I decided weren’t for me:


While I love a good pair of fun shoes and need more of them in my life, these just weren’t the pair to add. I’m not a huge fan of pointed toes shoes since I already wear a size 9, they just aren’t generally flattering. I also didn’t like how much of my foot was exposed – that may be a weird thing not to like I realize as I’m typing but I just couldn’t keep ’em.

If you’d like to try stitch fix and get a nice treat on your doorstep each month, here is my referral link. I’ll even recieve a credit to my account when you get your first shipment! If you give out your refferal link, you could too! If you decide to sign up, let me know what you get and how you like it!

Happy shopping!



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