Discover: Bea Bea’s for Brunch

I constantly have the travel bug so what I tend to forget is there are lots of amazing things to do right here, in my own backyard. For the last 2 years, that backyard has been Los Angeles. There’s only a few (hundred million) things to do here. So I thought, what a better excuse to explore my city and discover new things then to write a series on it! So here it goes, the first stop is one of my favorites.

Brunch is one of the best concepts of all time. Truly, it is. Brunch is my favorite Sunday activity. That’s right, I said activity. Sleeping in then meeting friends or family and eating whatever glorious option your little heart desires: breakfast or lunch? Together, you’re having brunch. Ahhh, the concept is glorious.

My personal favorite brunch spot is Bea Bea’s where “breakfast is everything”.


happy mornings.jpg

The menu is gigantic – the picture only shows one side of the breakfast menu – and it’s filled with such amazing concoctions that it’s hard to chose just one. They have the classics as well as pancakes called “S’mores” that consists of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate chips in pancake form. I’m sorry, what?! I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.06.25 PM

The vibe is so friendly and laid back even though the waiters are hustling and the line is out the door. Usually the wait is about 30-45 minutes but it’s worth it, every time.

bothHow good does that look? Trust me, not as good as it tasted. While I divulged in the crab cake benedict, my mom chose the shrimp omelette with mozzarella cheese. My stomach is growling now just thinking about it.

While the food is to die for, it’s the company I enjoy most.



Where do you like to have brunch? Are you a person that orders breakfast or lunch?

Have a great rest of your week everyone! I apologize for the last post. With moving shenanigans, the internet was just not cooperating. We seem to be up and running so check back on Sunday for a fresh post. See you then!





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