Wanderlust: Colorado, May 2016


I’ve always had wanderlust. I hope to have my feet on every continent and the breeze of every ocean in my hair. I find that every time I travel to a new place, my wanderlust is satisfied but it is only for a short while. It inevitably returns, demanding to be fed. But the loudest calling is from the mountains. Growing up in the Rocky Mountains’ incredible shadow has left an imprint on my heart and when I’m away from them for too long, they start calling me back home.

Living in LA is the exact opposite of what it was like to grow up in Colorado. LA is hustling, bustling, and always moving (or not moving if you’re on the 134). Colorado is at a little bit slower of a pace with snow days and a two lane interstate. LA is a perfect place for me to live in my 20’s but Colorado will always be home, will always be where I feel most like myself, and will always be where I return to.

This time, it was a quick trip for Mother’s Day and even though the mountains are beautiful to look at, it’s my family that makes the trip worth while.

On Friday, Scout and I packed up our things and took off for home.


This weekend was packed with family and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.


But the day belonged to my mom, who has shown us strength…


…and how to not take yourself too seriously.


Colorado is home. It has my family but it also has me. Ever since I moved, it’s been a joke that you can take the girl out of Colorado but you can’t take Colorado out of the girl. Right when I’m starting to feel like I’m losing touch with nature and like the walls are closing in, it’s the perfect time to go home. With it’s wide open spaces and fresh mountain air, you can start to hear yourself think again.

To see Scout run and run in the big open spaces with the mountains in the background was a breath of fresh air (literally). It’s like new life was injected into me. With none of the noise and all of the stars, it’s difficult to not feel renewed.

When people ask me if I think it’s worth it to bring Scout every time I come home, the answer is always yes. It really is worth it. I know the affects that Colorado has on me but I even see it in Scout. When he’s literally prancing all over the place because there’s grass and trees and wildflowers to smell and space to stretch his legs, it’s easy to say it was worth it.


I love knowing that even though I live in LA now and my life is always go go go, Scout and I always have a place to slow down for the in between moments. The moments that don’t have to do lists or schedules, that aren’t full of traffic or smog but that is filled with love, space, and fresh mountain air.


sunset lake

Get lost in nature and you will find yourself.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day weekend?



2 thoughts on “Wanderlust: Colorado, May 2016

  1. Ronna says:

    That was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. It was such a wonderful weekend and to know you left feeling renewed, makes me very happy. I love you to the moon and back! Mom


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